The ZENEST Offerings

We have provided our clients a professional service in the fields of Corporate & Marketing Communications, Issue & Crisis Management, Media Strategy & Relations, PR Event Planning & Management as well as EPR & Web Marketing. The diversified services have been selected by different clients and have helped them achieve and exceed their projected communication objectives.


The ZENEST Portfolio

Over the years we have attained extraordinary industry insights in the Automotive, Lifestyle, Industrial & Manufacturing, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical & Chemical, Banking & Insurance, as well as Government & Public Affairs. Many top brands in their industries have aligned long-term partnerships with ZENEST, such as McLaren, Volkswagen, Volvo Group, Volvo Construction Equipment, JLG and Bayer MaterialScience. You can find a comprehensive list below:

Case Studies

The ZENEST Experiences

With more than 14 years of accumulation, we have developed affluent knowledge and experiences in managing a variety of communication tasks for different clients. It’s through this experience that we have gained an invaluable understanding of the different segments that our clients are positioned in, not only do we have an understanding of their business models but more importantly we have been able to get insights of their customers to create and implement more efficient communication initiatives to achieve their individual communication goals. Below, please find some examples of our achievements.


China Insights, Global Perspective

In the heart of Shanghai, lies a dedicated PR consulting firm – ZENEST, which embodies the pursuit of perfection in every detail of our deliveries.

ZENEST is originally derived from ’Thunder Communications’, which was established in 2001. With over ten years of development and accumulation, today ZENEST has grown to be one of the most selected and recommend PR consulting firms in China.

With a head office in Shanghai, a branch office in Beijing, a representative office in Guangzhou, and affiliates in strategically selected other cities around China, ZENEST has set up a network of around 50 professionals to provide quality and responsive services to our clients both at home and from abroad.

ZENEST’s core businesses are focused in three areas: Traditional PR, EPR & Web Marketing and Event Management. With a solid experience and proven track record in varied industries, we have developed an impressive client base including top 500 multinational companies, NGOs and government organizations - for a comprehensive list please visit our Portfolio page.



With an ever-expanding client portfolio, ZENEST PR Consulting is always searching for new talent to join our ranks, (yes that includes you!) we are looking for motivated and talented professionals who are ready for the next step in their careers. In this fast changing environment you will be challenged and inspired to help manage a variety of accounts ranging from automotive to lifestyle. If you think you have what it takes, don’t wait, we want to meet you now!



ZENEST PR Consulting Co., Ltd.

Add: Suite 229,  Building 1, No. 288 Yuyao Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, 200042, P.R. China

T/ 021-6288 8585     F/ 021-6288 8728 


Beijing Office

Add: Room 362,3rd FL,  No 299, Miaocheng, Huairou District, Beijing

T/ 13501398567


Guangzhou Office

Add: Suite 702, TaiKoo Hui Tower 1, No. 385 Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510670, China

T/ 020 -8527 9409



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Internal & external communications aimed at creating a favourable perception of an organization among all stakeholders

  1. Industry policy analysis and studies
  2. CEO reputation management and communications
  3. KOLs communications
  4. Employer branding communication
  5. Internal communications
  6. Community communications/ CSR
  7. White paper consulting and development


Marketing communications are implemented to understand, communicate and engage the stakeholders in the sales and distribution chain.

  1. Market research and study
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Product communications and promotions
  4. KOLs relations and communications
  5. Consumer interactive communications
  6. Dealer/distributor communications

Media Relations

Media relations is used to leverage the power and influence of media resources to maximize communication impacts and enhance efficiency of communications with the target audiences.

  1. Media strategy consultations
  2. Media database management
  3. Media relations maintenance
  4. Media cooperation management
  5. Messaging and press information development
  6. Media coverage monitoring and analysis


A series of training programs are available at ZENEST to share knowhow and experience in media, PR and marketing for media spokespersons including mid and senior executives, to help them improve the understanding and competence of managing communications.

  1. Media / PR training
  2. Issue and crisis management training
  3. Event management training
  4. Messaging workshop
  5. PR competence improvement training, such as: Press information writing, presentation skill, media interview, etc.

EPR & Web Marketing

EPR or Web Marketing is the strategic use of the internet and new media tools and technologies to build and to maintain a dialogue between an organization and its publics.

  1. New media research & study
  2. New media communication product development
  3. New media creative and copywriting
  4. New media WOM and reputation management
  5. New media tracking & monitoring

PR Events / Conferences

They are usually created for the direct communications with the target audiences to ensure the key messages are strongly delivered and well understood.

  1. Planning and consultations
  2. Creative and concept
  3. Topic and theme
  4. Graphic design and production
  5. Video storyboard development & production
  6. Celebrities and testimonials
  7. Event management



Industrial & Manufacturing

Real Estate

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Banking & Insurance

Government Affairs



Maserati - Maserati China Grand Tour 2019

  • Event management
  • Route planning
  • Hospitality management
  • Vehicle & fleet management 
  • Professionals management 
  • Material & supplies production
  • Catering & banquet management


Ferrari - Brand & Product Communications

  • PR communication strategy planning and consulting
  • Brand and proudct communicationsMedia communications and management
  • Press car and overseas test drive management
  • Major marketing events communication management


McLaren – Brand & marketing communications

  • PR communication strategy consulting
  • Issue & crisis management
  • Brand communications (motor sports)
  • Media relations maintenance
  • Marketing event media support (auto show, road show, rally, etc.)
  • Dealer communication and training
  • Social media consulting and management


McLaren - Guangzhou Auto Show 2019

  • New GT China launchpress conference
  • Booth design & construction
  • Booth operation & dealer coordination
  • Hospitality mangement
  • Material & venue management
  • Catering management
  • Video production & editing
  • Show car management
  • Third party management & training


Porsche Carrera Cup Asia – Motorsport & Brand communications

  • PR communication strategy consulting
  • Media communication planning and execution before, during and post the event
  • Media relations maintenance and onsite management
  • Media editorial planning and execution


Porsche - New Panamera POS Launch Event - Hangzhou

  • Launch event planning and management
  • Venue recommendation and management
  • Production, AV and Lighting construction
  • Vehicle transportation and management
  • Personnel management


Volkswagen - Preview Salon Auto Beijing 2018

  • Event planning and operation
  • Venue recommendation and management
  • Construction, AV and Lighting
  • Vehicle transportation and management
  • Personnel management
  • VIP hospitality


Volkswagen - Preview Auto Guangzhou 2018

  • Event planning and operation
  • Venue recommendation and management
  • Construction, AV and Lighting
  • Vehicle transportation and management
  • Personnel management


Volvo Polestar Circuit Experience Day

  • Event planning and operation
  • Test drive management
  • Circuit Recommendation and management
  • Production, AV and Lighting construction
  • Vehicle transportation and management
  • Personnel management

Banking & Insurance

PwC - Annual Dinner 2019

  • Design & content planning
  • Interactive program design
  • Construction & AVL
  • Performance & training
  • Video production & editing
  • Talent show competition management
  • Catering coordination
  • Material & venue management

Industrial & Manufacturing

Volvo Group – Brand & marketing communications

  • PR communication strategy consulting
  • Reputation management
  • Brand communications
  • Media relations
  • Event management

Industrial & Manufacturing

JLG China – Brand & Marketing Communications

  • PR communication strategy consulting
  • Media relations maintenance
  • Media event (media gathering, product launch ceremony, gala dinner, etc.)
  • Product video filming


Maserati – Brand & product communications

  • Daily media communications and management
  • Shanghai & Beijing Auto Show communications
  • Yunnan and Xinjiang Rally media communication and management
  • Road show, Track event media communication and management

Industrial & Manufacturing

Wirtgen - 2018 Bauma China Customer Gala Dinner

  • Over 3000-person,3-day,Gala Dinner
  • Personnel management
  • Construction, AV and Lighting

Industrial & Manufacturing

Doosan Infracore - Brand & Product Communications

  • PR communication strategy planning and consulting
  • Brand and product communications
  • Media daily communications and management
  • Digital communication and social media engagement

Industrial & Manufacturing

Volvo Construction Equipment- Brand & product Communications

  • New plant inauguration communications
  • New product off-line ceremony & communications
  • Product road show (north line and south line) & communications
  • New office center inauguration & communications
  • Bauma China customer gala dinner
  • Product demo shows
  • Volvo Ocean Race Sanya stopover customer event

Industrial & Manufacturing

Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery - Brand & product Communications

  • M&A communication campaign
  • New product launch communications
  • Product road show (north line and south line)
  • New product line launch communications
  • New plant inauguration ceremony

Industrial & Manufacturing

Epiroc - bauma China 2018

  • Creative, design and consulting on Epiroc booth
  • Booth construction and coordination
  • Booth activities management


Volvo Ocean Race

  • China entry communication strategy & announcement press conference
  • Stopover media program management & gala dinner management



  • F1 VIP customers gala dinner management


Gaggenau - Sommelier Awards 2018

  • China Final in Shanghai: media invitation, onsite management, press photo shooting and post event follow-up
  • Global Final in Beijing: media invitation, onsite management, press photo shooting and post event follow-up



  • China entry media briefing & executive interviews
  • China Boat Show media communication management



  • Yogurt launch media briefing and executive interviews


Volvo China Open

  • Tee-off ceremony
  • Pro-am Awarding Dinner
  • Signage production

Real Estate

CapitaLand – Corporate Communications

  • China operation 15th anniversary celebration campaign
  • Communication consultations
  • Property opening campaigns

Real Estate

GMI – Brand & Marketing Communications

  • In-City Commercial Centre opening campaign
  • Communication consultations

Real Estate

Jones Lang LaSalle



  • Brand and Service communication
  • Social Media communications and management
  • Event: Interactive tour H5 for Shanghai new office opening
  • Writing: PR release for Hangzhou branch opening ceremony



Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Baxter- Corporate communications

  • Ongoing media communications and management
  • Media training
  • Crisis management
  • CSR program
  • New product launch campaign

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Bristol-Myers Squibb – Internal communications

  • Writings: inSite magazine, e-newsletter, president message, internal news, etc.
  • Events: town-hall meeting, new product launch, internal communications, etc.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Sibur Holding (Russia) – Corporate & marketing communications

  • Media communications and management

Government Affairs

2018 The Conversation between Guangzhou and the World

  • Event planning and execution
  • Overall design and concept, event production, venue deco  AV & lighting

Government Affairs

2018 Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International EXPO Theme Forum

  • Event planning and execution
  • Overall design
  • Event production
  • Venue deco

Government Affairs

Expo 2010 African Pavilion

  • Closing ceremony, incl. event overall planning and consultation, design & decoration creativities, video editing for awarding ceremony, vender briefing and supervision & onsite management

Government Affairs

2007 World Special Olympic Games

  • International torch relay event management for 8 stopovers including Greece, Egypt, the UK, Australia, the United States, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Banking & Insurance

Goopal Group - 2018 Selfsell London Roadshow

  • Speaker invitation ( Thomas J. Sargent, Winner of 2011 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences)
  • Keynote speech development

The ZENEST Vision

To become the most respected local PR agency by linking East and West in communications, marketing and business practices, through the promotion of the industry’s developments in a sustainable and ethical way.

The ZENEST Mission

At ZENEST, our clients’ needs come first. We allocate the best resources to help our clients achieve established communication goals with creative solutions, supporting them to build up consensus among their stakeholders.

The ZENEST Foundations

There are five core values that ZENEST is built upon, they echo throughout our work and help us to stay one step ahead. So what are they?


It’s the fundamental value of ZENEST. We are rigorous in following all rules, laws, compliance regulations and business ethics.

Profession- alism

At all times the team at ZENEST is professional in attitude, manner and gesture and in our quality of deliveries.


The passion is our driving force for continuous improvement. It consistently motivates us to provide the best solutions and most responsive services to our clients.


Creativity comes from our experiences and knowledge from the past. Our ability to ‘think outside the box’ is one of our key assets.


ZENEST is committed to being a company full of warmth. We advocate a caring culture among our stakeholders including employees, business partners, clients, suppliers and the community.

The Head of Digital

We are currently looking for a Digital &Social Media Director responsible for the development and execution of overall strategy for social media and digital marketing.

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Account Director

Zenest is looking for an Account Director with a minimum of seven years experience in the Public Relations industry. Primary roles include fiscal management, talent acquisition and the development and driving of new business growth.

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Senior Account Manager

We need a Senior Account Manager,whose role will be to oversee projects on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that they run smoothly and achieve their potential.

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Account Executive

We are searching for an Account Executive who is ready to take on more responsibility and learn the fundamentals of media/social media relations and event management.

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Assistant Account Executive

Zenest has an opening for an Assistant Account Executive to support all members of the account team and work on taskoriented projects or clients that require routine and standard information.

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Senior Designer

In this fast expanding side to the business we are seeking a Senior Designer who will be responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of design solutions that meet marketing strategies from concept to completion.

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New York